Siege of Tarantis

Episode 2
A Grisly Death

Soosh, a wererat the party met just an hour earlier, returns to the pub to request help as his friend Norris has been attacked at the docks. The party rushes to the docks — it’s fairly light, as the full moon is just 2 days away. Not seeing anyone, Kirv challenges opponents to step forth and make themselves known. This leads to an ambush from the Merchant’s Guild. Baern bravely pulls and pushes his companions from harm’s way, and the wizards mount attacks on the Merchants’ Guild while the Paladin heals himself and intimidates some thugs.

Episode 1
Adventurers Assemble!

The adventurers explained to the DM how they knew one another, and as one might expect, they ended up in a pub. The Angry Unicorn is known for its good food, low prices, and dirty plates (ugh). Attempting to avoid the ears of Ophelia, the captain of the night watch, the group met in a circle and hatched a plan to help Norris, a wererat, escape from Tarantis under the full moon in 2 nights. Our dwarven friend spent a good deal of time drinking rum and made the acquaintance of Little Flower, a 13 year-old dancer from the temple of Pelor.


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